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Liquide phase exfoliated graphene

Common price: AUD250.00 Our price: AUD209.00 each


We are please to announce that our lab has started producing Liquid Phase Exfoliated Graphene. The methods and protocols we used to produce our graphene are published in this paper "Scalableproductionoflargequantitiesof defect-freefew-layergraphenebyshear exfoliationinliquids KeithR.Patonetal.†" published in Nature on 20 Apr 2014.

The graphene is produced in solvents:

  • Poly vinyl Alcohol
  • Sodium cholate
  • N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidon

Raman D/G analysis 0.17-o.37

  • Please NOTE: you will need to specify the solvent you need for your application upon ordering if needed, the characteristics of the graphene are note affected.

Application of Shear-exfoliated graphene

  •  Melt-processed composites, in this process PET and PET/graphene nanocomposites can be produced, and the same process can be used to produce graphene based plastic materials or filament to be used for electronics integration in 3Dprinting to produce functional devices and appliances.
  •   Dye-sensitised solar cells can be used as counter electrode consisting of a graphene film on a PET substrate for example
  •  Supercapacitors  Graphene electrodes can be used as the working electrode with a carbon counter electrode in a super capacitor or a graphene-aluminum super batterie

The use of this wonder material is only limited by our imagination.? 

Brand URL : Liquid phase exfoliated graphene

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