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  We are a place for people who have designs, or just ideas for things they want to make, to connect with digital fabricators ("Fabbers") who can help make these ideas become real.

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My HONOR CODE CERTIFICATEfrom CHALMERS University MOOC course on  Graphene.

Graphene devices and materials are one of the area we are actively working on. We have already started producing liquid exfoliated graphene and it is available here for order. You can order any quantity you needed in 250ml bottles. But, there is one week to weeks processing time before your order is shipped to you.

We are also working on graphene based energy devices and we will be releasing batteries and super capacitor that are 3D printed entirely in ABS,PLA,etc.. and Graphene filament. These energy devices are 100% bio degradable and use plants extract as electrolyte and dielectric substances. These devices will be for sale on our website in 6 months time, the end of this year 2015.

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