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  We are a place for people who have designs, or just ideas for things they want to make, to connect with digital fabricators ("Fabbers") who can help make these ideas become real.

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 Welcome to your personal virtual fabrication shop, where you can turn your 3D models into real objects! Check out some of the shop tools and services available to you:

3D printing services

3D printers build up objects from scratch, we call this process “additive manufacturing” and it is done one layer at a time 

Animation of the 3D print in actionSome 3D printers can print in full color in plastic, others can print in metal or a flexible material similar to rubber. To print Just output your design from 3D® software as an STL file, and it is ready to be printed in 3D.

What can 3D printing be used for?

3D printing is a great way to create quick, inexpensive limited-run prototypes or one of a kind objects. Here’s a few ideas to help you get started with 3D printing.


3D printing is widely used to present ideas and working concepts, while minimizing production costs and iteration time.

Everyday use

3D printing has countless uses in your day-to-day life, like replacing broken parts that are no longer produced.


Open up new possibilities, approach projects from a different perspective and push the boundaries of your craft even further. 

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CNC services

What is CNC?

CNC stands for “Computer Numeric Control” and is what drives all automated machine tools. The Autodesk 123D CNC Utility is a powerful yet remarkably simple online CAM package to create the files you need to drive CNC routers.Translate your design into a toolpath file ready for fabrication. Preview the machining to see how your part will look.

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 More about CNC

Laser cutting services

Create custom laser-cut sheets from your digital design files. Choose from multiple material options.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutters use a high power laser to very quickly make precision cuts in a wide variety of materials. They can also etch (or engrave). Laser cutters are commonly used in manufacturing, but they are also starting to be more available to schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. To give you an idea of what’s involved, check out our laser cutting process:

1. Prepare and upload your files.

Start with a 2D EPS or SVG file – you created using the free Autodesk 123D Make application. It’s available online and for desktop Win and Mac.

2. Choose your desired material.

Select from acrylic, wood, cardboard, and several other material options upon checkout.

3. Confirm your purchase and your laser cutting order.

Review your order, choose your shipping location, and enjoy your new creation

What can laser cutting be used for?

Laser cutting has countless uses and below are just a few of them – these should give you some ideas and inspiration to get started on your own laser cutting project.


Model-making firms work with architects to create scale models – such as this YYC Airport model by Ellis Associates – for planning and promotional use

Art & Design

With the help of laser cutting, designers over at graypants have been producing beautiful things – like these lights made out of scrap cardboard

Hobbies & Fun

VictorianDollhouse is a user who with the help of a laser cutter has been successfully selling dollhouse kits on Etsy – perfect weekend projects!

Education & Training

Schools TAFE and Universities with the help of a laser cutter can adapt the currucula to implement STEM based learning, hands-on workshops learning activities, prototyping and real life projects !

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