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  We are a place for people who have designs, or just ideas for things they want to make, to connect with digital fabricators ("Fabbers") who can help make these ideas become real.

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Refocusing education, from teaching, to a Research Based Learning Model.

"a blue print for a planetary boot-up"

"Educational digital fabrication labs that put cutting-edge technology for design and construction – such as 3D printers and laser cutters and robotics – into the hands of middle and high school students. Such labs are a place for invention, creation, discovery and sharing, a space of inquiry where everyone learns and knowledge gets integrated into personal interests and daily life. FabLearn Labs, which are embedded in technology, permit the acknowledgment and embracing of different learning styles and epistemologies, engendering a convivial environment in which students can concretize their ideas and projects with intense personal engagement."  Paulo Blikstein

I do urge all of you to take the time to listen to his TEDx talk which illustrate this brilliantly. I promise, IT IS WORTH IT!

I do believe that there is a need to shift our focus from an information diffusion role -which our schools are performing now- into a learning paradigm were schools are the center of a community, that use them as centers for innovation and products development where local businesses, hackers and makers are an integral part.

I am also, fully aware of the HUGE task that this radical change in the way we learn and teach will bring. But the challenges that any nation will be facing in the future- if they did NOT manage a successful transition into this new way of learning and making things- are going to be even greater.

The industrial revolution dusk  is upon us, and a new era in the way we learn, create, make and consume is already here! digital manufacturing and (3D-printing) in particular is not only changing how we make things, it is also changing how we will consume  and the fablabs model of learning will allow us to put this new revolution!  in the center of our educational systems. Schools need to be the center of communities that use them as centers for innovation and products development, curricula  need to be used to solve local real world problems that the communities are facing and local businesses, hackers and makers need to be an integral part of the system.

The first step in achieving this objective is to transform our Schools into meeting places for local communities businesses, inventors, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs where curricular/classroom activities are used to explore ideas, solve problems or develop products. We MUST transform our classrooms into fabrication and innovation labs, run as for-profit community workshops, where new products and creative work can be designed and made using digital fabrication equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machine, wet-lab, prob-ware and scientific modeling and simulation software. 

Fortunately shifting such understandings needn't require reorganizing the entire Schools curriculum. Simple shifts in how content and activities are approached can make a big difference in overcoming student misconceptions and building more accurate views of the process of science. The following strategies can be put in place with minimum investment and cost to achieve this objective: 

  1.  Transform our classrooms into fabrication labs, small centers for innovations and products development, where local community, businesses, hackers and makers are an integral part. We already have a working model which represent this learning paradigm shift, the Digital Fabrication Labs (FABLABS) like ours, thanks to Prof Neil Gershenfeld from MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. Hackers, makers, businesses and start-ups are already using fablabs to learn and make almost anything, the only missing piece to complete this paradigm shift in the way we learn, create and make is, a way to integrate the schooling system, which we hope this framework is going to accomplish.
  2. The use of Research Based Learning, by designing lessons and classroom activities to solve localised real world problems and issues. The practical approach to achieving this is to redesign Schools' curricula and text books to be organised, indexed and cataloged into learning objects based on the Cook Book Reference Model
    • Ingredients/components 
    • Method(s)
      • This reference model will allow us to systematically apply the scientific method to our knowledge (easily  verifiable and reproducible)
      • And it will ignite and satisfy the Primordial and Visceral urge and need to Explore and Thinker in our pupils.
      • In fact this approach to packaging our scientific knowledge is not only needed in a Schooling/Learning environment, it is also imperative if we are going to achieve a logarithmic development in our 'Savoir faire' / 'know how', as we can then easily enlist the help of predictive technologies and AI (ie evolutionary algorithms), to compute the probability and combinations of the recipes and methods in order to solve specific problems or guide us to new Inventions.
  3. The creation of Country wide mesh-networks, with internet connectivity using opensource hardware and software like Vilagetelco and Servalproject or any other technology that will allow us to reach, cheaply, a Universal Human and Humane Connectedness. This is necessary to enable everyone access to the science and knowledge we create. Our brains and minds, are the Only competitive edge we possess as a specie. We CAN NOT afford to waste any of it ?! It is time to redefine poverty to encompass the deprivation of the mind and brain and work relentlessly to eliminate both. Our very existence as a specie depend on it. This universal connectedness is necessary and it is the next natural step in our evolutionary path. It MUST happen, for us to achieve a planetary civilisation. We MUST let this happened naturally by opening and making accessible ALL of our science and knowledge in order to boot-up our Planetary Brain (All of US). Any attempt to stop this natural evolution or trying to achieve it by any other means?! will bring an end to our 'EXISTENCE'. This time! luck WILL NOT do us any favor. Neither nature, nor god OWE us anything!
  4. The use and participation in MOOC movement: Countries with limited resource can now access content produced by our brightest brains and top universities
  5. The use of opensource software: Schools can now benefit from Learning management systems, and scientific simulation and modeling software for free
  6. The use of open source hardware:  Schools can now build the necessary hardware ,wetware and prob-ware for lab experiments relaying on computing and controller platforms like RasberryPi and Arduino and others.
  7. Specialised content: It is entirely achievable that in the near future, the most advanced research (this include fundamental research) and development in ALL areas of Science and Technology is achieved in PERSONAL Labs, by committed and enthusiastic individuals or groups, using opensource scientific tools (simulation software, wet-labs, prob-wares) etc. Crowd funding can be used to push products, ideas or concept into the market, without the need for government money. This approach to research and development will put an end to the inefficiency and prohibitive cost of doing research with the model we have now!! and will free up the limited resources that governments have to be used elsewhere. This new model MUST be Open and use an opensource spirit and legal framework to succeed, as we will need to create a self feeding loop of science and knowledge that feeds back to the Schooling/Learning systems. This locally, or internationally created  knowledge from subjects matter experts, researchers, hobbyist can be made available for a very minimal fee, via vlogs, blogs, forums and web-minars etc..on the internet. The size of the market foot print (global world market) will be enough to sustain the system as a  Socio-economicall activity. 

To get started, visit our Demo Courses or explore all-level resources on the main menu.Please see our Learning portal 

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